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the facts

Illegally dumped tires are a tremendous health and safety issue for the environment and the communities plagued by the problem. Tire piles attract mosquitoes that spread disease and more importantly they are highly flammable and difficult to extinguish.Vehicle tire waste is generated at a rate of 1 tire per person annually. That equates to 300,000,000 tires in the U.S. and 4,500,000 for an area the size of Metropolitan Detroit.

Audra Carson

Audra Carson
Founder and CEO, De-tread, LLC whose commitment and love for the city and its surrounding communities, called her to action.

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Just under 8,000 tires removed from the streets of Detroit.

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the problem


Tire blight (illegally dumped tires) has been on our radar in excess of 7 years. Urban America’s post industrial neighborhoods and residential communities are plagued with an array of environmental threats and hazards. Aside from air quality issues, though directly related, is the problem of disposing of used automobile tires. Illegal tire dumping accounts for a large amount of blight in urban communities. In Detroit alone there are arguably 1,000,000 tires currently abandoned in our fair city. Additionally, the spread of disease and significant threat of fire hazards caused by rubber tire disposal are a major cause for concern.

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