Audra Carson — Entrepreneur Spotlight

There’s something very unique that happens when you meet extraordinary people. Audra Carson and I crossed paths a few years ago and have been inserted into each other’s journeys from that point forward. 

As we encourage creativity and greatness, I am honored to be “Sistars” (her word) with a young lady whose dream is surely manifesting into reality. It’s a privilege to know Ms. Carson, our entrepreneur spotlight and real-life Biz Kid!

Audra Carson has a deep and abiding love for her hometown, the Motor City. So it surprises few that she is committed to its vitality and resurgence. Yet what may come as a surprise, is the unique path she is on in Detroit's re-use economy.

At the helm of De-tread, she is a solutions provider to the problem of tire blight, which plagues post-industrial cities across the U.S. As a subject matter expert on post consumer tire waste & tire blight, she is determined to reverse the trend of the illegal dumping of tires and use her creativity to spur demand for highest end uses...

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Audra Carson, Entrepreneur Spotlight
by Deneen G. Matthews, Editor in Chief
DeeClare Publishing, LLC
January 2017



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