Detroit’s Queen of Tires

Founder and CEO of De-tread Audra Carson on the business that cleans up and disposes of tires throughout the city. A little over seven years ago, Audra Carson noticed something startling about the northwest Detroit neighborhood she grew up in. The lifelong Detroiter saw hazardous, discarded tires piling up.

Audra Carson is proof that one person’s blight can become another person’s opportunity. And therein lies the difference between an entrepreneur and your regular everyday person. Carson is far from the only Detroiter to get upset about the seemingly hundreds of ‘dead’ tires tossed randomly about the city into vacant lots, alleys, and just about anywhere else in the city’s numerous rundown neighborhoods where the number of occupied homes are matched – and sometimes overmatched – by blasted out skeletons and empty lots. But rather than staying stuck on complain, Carson decided this was a job for an entrepreneur. A female entrepreneur. From Detroit.

And that’s how De-Tread was born…

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Michigan Chronicle
By Pamela Hilliard Owens, Special to the Michigan Chronicle
June 2017

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