What We Do

What We Do

De-tread is a Social Enterprise that operates with triple bottom line principles. We have been on this journey since 2009 and have gained an enormous amount of insight along the way. The company applies a two-prong methodology to eradicating the issues of post consumer tire waste and tire blight.

    1. A consultancy that provides analysis, statistics, strategy and education concerning the environmental, health & safety and societal impacts to post industrial and rural communities. Additionally work force development is an integral part of our foundation and corporate culture.

    2. A design collaborative that will be a resource that will drive innovation to produce high quality creative and utilitarian items for the global landscape. Our sustainable green products will align perfectly with green infrastructure initiatives for emerging, developing and or redeveloping communities.

It is both prudent and wise that solutions to automobile related problems are provided by a company located in the automotive epicenter of the world. De-tread is well equipped to do this as a company whose founder has industry knowledge and a deep & abiding love for the City of Detroit.

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