The Problem

The Problem

Did you know that post consumer tire waste is one of the biggest environmental problems that many everyday citizens are not aware of? Post consumer tire waste accumulates by 1 tire per person annually here in the U.S.

That equates to approximately 320,000,000, for an area like Metro Detroit with its auto centric lifestyle and poor road conditions the number of tires generated could easily rise to 6,500,000.

That is an ENORMOUS amount of tires. Additionally, individuals and organizations feel compelled to dump tires in communities within post industrial cities like Detroit and in surrounding rural communities. This is when post consumer tire waste becomes tire blight.

Tire blight is a post industrial city problem…a rural problem and ultimately a global problem.

The countless hours of research since our company was formed in 2009, has allowed us to gain our expertise regarding the environmental, health & safety and societal issues of post consumer tire waste.

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